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Our clients benefit from our 75 years of collective legal experience in all stages, and all forums, of the litigation and alternative dispute resolution process. First and foremost, the Firm counsels clients to avoid disputes. However, in the event that the pursuit or defense of a claim is necessary, our attorneys aggressively ensure the most favorable outcome possible in light of all the circumstances, with a constant eye on the client’s overall goals. We maintain constant communication with our clients so that they are, at all times, fully apprised of developments, and the corresponding significance of those developments, as they unfold. The New York firm’s practice areas include the following:

Long Island Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Long Island Construction Law & Real Property

Construction Law &
Real Property Litigation

Long Island Commercial Litigation Attorneys:  

Business claims encompass all aspects of commercial litigation, including breach of contract, business torts, shareholder and partnership disputes, unfair competition, restrictive covenants, debtor and creditor claims relating to fraudulent conveyances, and litigation involving the various provisional remedies, including attachment, temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, lis pendens and replevin.

The Firm's New York commercial litigation attorneys are experienced in the prosecution and defense of complex commercial litigation, including RICO claims, sophisticated commercial fraud, claims premised upon federal and state statutes, mortgage fraud, and coordination of multi-district litigation. Whether in the Commercial Division of the State Supreme Court, Federal Court, or an ADR forum, we achieve timely and relevant results for our clients – and do so in a cost-effective, results-oriented manner. Contact Long Island commercial litigation attorneys.

Construction Law & Real Property Litigation:  

The Firm is regularly engaged to handle its clients most serious and complex multi-million dollar claims for all aspects of Construction Law litigation. Whether the setting is a large-scale commercial project or a residential development, we recognize our clients’ need for expediency, and the Firm advances that interest with an unyielding, steadfast resolve, constantly mindful of the cost associated to achieve a result.

The Firm represents general contractors, subcontractors, material providers, sureties, real estate developers and private owners in the public and private sector. Claims routinely involve assertions of non-payment, defective workmanship, system failures, subrogation rights, extra work, contractor defaults, mechanic’s liens, termination, lien foreclosure, statutory labor and wage compliance, as well as claims for acceleration and delays. The construction litigation attorneys at the Firm appear in Federal Court, in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court, and in various ADR forums.

As land becomes more valuable in the regaion, the frequency of claims involving real property increases in tandem. The Firm's attorneys regularly represent owners, landlords, tenants and brokers in claims involving the breach of contracts of sale, specific performance, partition proceedings, adverse possession, boundary disputes, brokerage commission disputes, title company claims and the lien law.Contact Long Island real property attorneys.

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